Using the Grip Master to Warm Up and Build Strength!

In this article, I am going to talk about a few key benefits of using a grip master to really help your playing and improve the general strength in the hand and fingers

What is the benefit of using a Grip Master.

So a few times over I’ve been asked to explain if finger exercises actually work. My answer is yes definitely. Building finger strength and hand strength is one of the key components that happen to players of all kinds from guitar to piano and trumpet, to rock climbers and even golfers. The strength will be gained over a set period of time, obviously due to practice. But when using a focused approach to building hand strength you can actually feel the drastic improvements or gains really fast and over a short period of time in your playing.

Co-ordination, accuracy and control

Using a tool like a grip master can really help your hand to apply pressure in many different ways and at many different angles. What this allows is for the control to be built upon. As we gain more control in the feeling of the hand and fingers we naturally gain more accuracy. You can really imagine this as being a, focused applied pressure point, or a push-down.

Warming Up

Using a tool like a grip master is really awesome to warm up with. If you are about to go on stage and you are about to start your warm-up, a few minutes before will really allow the tendons and muscles to pump blood through, while at the same time a few static wrist and finger stretches are really powerful. Always just remember to make sure you are pumping blood through the body before static stretching to reduce injury.

Backstage preparation

Time – How long can I do it on a day-to-day basis.

What I looovvveee about this tool is the set build up time with it. You don’t need to do more than 5-10 minutes a day with it. You can also feel how long you can go for over time spent with it. The Key is to do it consistently, so try build it into your daily schedule in the easiest possible way.

Can I do it on the Go

Do it in dead time. Of course that’s what’s brilliant. It can always seem like a chore to add something to your day. But that’s why if it’s in a place where there is “Dead” time, as I like to call it, use it there. So If you are walking down the street you can keep it in your pocket and just exercise the muscles on the walk, or if you having a cup of coffee waiting to see someone or even when you sitting in the back seat of a taxi.

When do I know when to stop.

Lets talk about the pain that comes with it. Haha ok it might not be pain, but when you are building strength essentially there is resistance and that means pushing against something. If your fingers pushing down get sore, stop, rest, repair and start again. Try Keep ease with it instead of trying to bulldoze or force it this way you can create consistency with it.

Powerful finger strength

Final Point

So now we have a tool where we can warm up, build strength and accuracy. Can do it anywhere and in dead time with very little time needed and we don’t have to go through crazy pain to do it. The only way you really know if something works for you is to try it on and check if you are able to use it to meet your needs



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