Convertri - Fastest Landing Page Builder On The Internet!

In this article im going to outline a few points and benefits of using Convertri as a landing page builder for your business sales process and why its one of my favorite tools to use,

Integration of an Autoresponder

Convertri as a sales funnel builder allows you to integrate systems into the platform so that you can connect a number of different systems like Mailchimp, Aweber, Infusion soft and the list goes on and on. If you already have a names list or have been using other systems before, Convertri allows the connection of these systems to help you keep control of every part of your system and funnel.

Benefits to using Convertri

With Convertri's standard user license it will give you about 500 user pages compared to most other builders which for the same price will give you about 100 pages. Directly speaking, if you are looking at cost per page it's almost 10x more valuable.

Landing Page Load speed - Now Google, Facebook, and most other big Ad platforms will severely penalize you on rank if you are doing paid advertising if your landing page load speed takes more than 3 seconds. If it loads to 5 seconds we are safe to say you are in trouble! Convertri's biggest selling point in my opinion is that the pages load like lightning. It's under a second, actually its 0.13 seconds. What that does for the user experience and algorithms on the big platforms is amazing.

Light Speed

Drag and Drop Editor and Page Builder - Convertri has one of the best Drag and Drop page builders which is a free form of editing. When I was using it for the first time I instantly thought to myself "God why can't all websites be built in this way" It would make life in the website world so good. What's awesome too is the mobile builder. In other page builders, they normally do a forced responsive build but in Convertri you can completely customize the layout, and it won't affect the layout on the desktop. This is so important because of how many people use their mobiles for the internet.

Support Team - Convertri has a support team that is second to none. If you get stuck with tech stuff that you might be finding difficult the help is so good and so close.

Page importing and cloning - This is a super unique tool. This gives you the ability to go into a page on the internet that you would like the format and design too, copy the URL and bring it back to Convertri's Page Builder. You can edit that design and page exactly how you would like it. This is a big bonus if you are no good at design because if you have something that looks a bit homemade, you dead in the water against the other professional pages.

Final Point

So now here is a tool that can help you grow your business no matter what niche you are in or whatever it is you are trying to grow. It's powerfully quick and sooooo simple to use but you can only know that for sure if you try it out. There is a FREE trial with it so that helps a lot to test it out and see if it meets your needs.



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