About Me

Cash Ulrich is a gifted Guitarist and entrepreneur. As a proficient performer, writer and teacher he spends his time creating music, teaching the guitar and helping people from all walks of life create online businesses

“I’ve been a guitarist since I was 12 years old. I have a true passion for music, personal growth, deep connection, the universe, psychology, fitness, and mental health, science, and all things business-related and really just figuring shit out to learn how to live in this world.”

As a 31-year-old musician, I got sick and tired of looking at the spectrum whereas a musician you just kinda scraping by at the bottom or on the other hand you are absolutely massive, the in-between didn’t really exist. I could see the guys at the top become so


disconnected from the world and the guys at the bottom feel like they are never going to make it past the point of just scraping by so they end up giving up on the thing they love and want to do.

I thought there has to be a third option here. I started looking and thinking about how awesome it would be to create the music I want, when I want, from where ever I want geographically and maintain my connection to loved ones, fitness and physical health, mental health and have my time, freedom, creativity and connection in my hands. Using that as the basis to build the best life from. How far you then take that I knew was completely up to me.



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